Monthly Archives: November 2017

How Can Cable Blowers and Pushers Help Me?

Installing cables can be tough work but luckily with the right equipment, such as cable blowing machine, even the trickiest of cable installation projects can be an easy and fuss-free process. With a good quality cable pusher, you can skip the hassle involved in cable installation and get the job done quickly whilst achieving accurate…
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Why you need a Cable Blowing Machine

When installing cables into pipes and ducts, there is always the risk that the cables may be damaged in the process, scuppering the whole operation. This is a particular worry for sensitive cables such as the fibre optic cables often installed by telecommunications companies. In tricky situations such as these, cable blowing and pushing equipment…
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Where to use your Cable Drum Trailer

If you’re looking to carry a cable drum trailer over short or long distances, cable drum trailers are the best way to achieve your goal. That’s why we at Rotrex Winches have cable drum trailers available to hire, or to purchase directly from us. Recently we wrote a blog explaining the different types of cable drum…
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