Our Teams

Rotrex Winches is home to some of the best winching expertise in the industry, with a range of skills that cements our position as market leader.

Working together, our teams provide a level of service that we believe is the best available from the UK, servicing customers nationally and internationally with equal confidence.

The Rotrex Winches Team

Rotrex Winches has always been far more than ‘just a supplier of winches’. With real expertise from a team with around 500 years collective experience, our comprehensive range of winches is backed by our skilled engineers who are dependable, knowledgeable and highly experienced.

Customer-focused teams

We organise our teams around the needs of our customers, supporting them however we can.

  • Customer service team – to help customers to select the best winches and winch services for their needs, and to offer advice and support on ancillary equipment.
  • Outside sales team – to work with customers on their own sites, in order to identify the best winches and services for their needs.
  • Offshore workshop team – with particular expertise in large hydraulic winches and power packs.
  • Onshore workshop team – with expertise in trailer winches, smaller base mounted winches and powered hoists.
  • Service engineer team – a UK wide team of dedicated winch service engineers.
  • Mobilisation team – with the specialist skills needed to prepare winches, power packs and ancillary equipment for delivery to the customers site.
  • Installation and operating team – a dedicated team of installation and operating engineers who configure, install and test winches on site before use, and remain on site to operate winches as required by the customer.

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The Rotrex Winches Team

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The Rotrex Winches Team