All About Our Base-Mounted Winches

At Rotrex Winches, we offer over 500 years of combined experience leading the way with our range of trailer mounted winch for hire across the UK, with the largest variety within Europe. The focus on today will be our base-mounted winches. Whatever your reason for choosing a base-mounted winch, we will have one in our range to support your precise application.


When you hire a base-mounted winch, you have a choice between the following: hydraulic winches, air winches, electric winches, or diesel winches.

  • Hydraulic winches come with one or two drums, which are powered by an internally mounted motor, and fitted with automatic fail-safe brakes.
  • Air winches are powered by an air gear motor, enabling you to vary the speed with the control lever, with the automatic braking, and load-limiting device.
  • Electric winches are mostly operated by a push-button pendant controller, or buttons on the winches, with a drum driven by a 415 v 3 electric motor.
  • Diesel winches are powered by diesel engine using a torque converter and gear train, but use a foot-controlled band brake. Speed is controlled through a throttle on the engine, and a gear lever.


The capabilities of our base-mounted winches can be between 15 tonnes to a massive 200 tonnes. With this flexibility of load, you are guaranteed to find a winch within our range that is suitable for the purpose and application of your project.

Supplementary Products

When you hire a trailer mounted winch, you will always need to consider the additional products that go with it as part of the package to get the job done. The most basic requirement is for wire rope or cable, but you may also need power packs, air compressors, air and hydraulic hoses, and control stands. Luckily, we are a one-stop shop, and we can supply you with everything you need. What exactly you need will depend on the type of trailer mounted winch you opt for, and our team of experts will be happy to advise you about what you will need. We can even supply our engineers to ensure you have a highly skilled operative working on your project.

Contact Us

To discover more about our range of winches, or for more detailed information about our base-mounted winches, please get in touch by visiting our contact page and completing the form. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form in order for us to deal with your specific hire questions more quickly. You can also email us at, or call your nearest branch (we are located in Essex, Glasgow, and Aberdeen). We will be happy to help you with any queries.