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Our Winch Hire

In our modern connected world, we will rarely walk a few steps in urban areas without crossing the path of underground cabling.  But we hardly ever notice the extensive infrastructure that surrounds us, because the machinery and techniques used to install and maintain such cabling are designed to intrude as little as possible on the…
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All About Our Winch Ancillary Equipment

When you’re working with winches, it’s likely you’re also going to need some ancillary equipment, wherever and whatever you are pulling or lifting. The term ancillary equipment refers to any kind of accessories, machines, or technical equipment that are used with the main items of equipment in order to create a complete system. Some of…
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The Benefits of Our Trailer Mounted Winches

Here are Rotrex Winches, we are industry experts, specialising in winches and supported by a highly skilled and experienced team. Available for both sale and hire, today we’re going to look at some of the benefits of opting for our trailer mounted winches. Easy to Tow By having a winch mounted on a trailer, this…
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Cable Blowing

The internet may represent the single biggest change in the lives of people around the world in the last century.  Over half of the planet’s population is now online, and this relentless growth has led to a period of unparalleled innovation in the industries providing the related infrastructure.  Countless miles of fibre optic cable are…
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