Bespoke Winch Design and Build

Sometimes, standard winches don’t provide the right solution. When this is the case, Rotrex Winches will engineer a winch specifically to meet your requirements.

Bespoke Winch Design

Rotrex Winches will provide project management to deliver the winch or winch system required.

Key to creating the right solution is developing a proper understanding of the customer’s needs. So, our sales and project management teams carry out site visits to assess your technical and commercial requirements.

We work closely with customers to understand all of the criteria needing to be addressed, including:

  • Operational location and environment – internal, external or underground
  • Type and weight of the load to be moved – goods, materials or personnel
  • Appropriate primary power supply – manual, pneumatic, electric, petrol or diesel
  • Movement required for the load –  friction or incline loadings, length of pull/lift, braking requirements, constant tension and load-monitoring
  • Safety factors for different applications and loads
  • Operational line speeds – high, low, fixed or variable
  • Frequency of use – a duty cycle that’s daily, weekly or continuous
  • Power failure backup and emergency control functions

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Bespoke Winch Design

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Bespoke Winch Design