Five Great Benefits of Winch Hire from Rotrex Winches

Here at Rotrex Winches, we are proud to be lead the way in the UK with our winch hire service, offering the widest range of options in the whole of Europe. Along with this, we provide customers with a range of related equipment, whether small but vital parts such as winch cable and rope, right through to large vehicles (such as the Softrak ATV). Today we will go through some of the benefits from hiring your winches with us.


We make sure to test all winches before we deploy them to our customers, providing you with full certification for your winch hire. If you ever have any questions about your winches, you can always count on the team for our help and advice. We also offer our expertise in a more hands-on way too, by offering the services of our engineers for specific projects, or for a fixed term. This ensures that the equipment will be operated by someone who is fully trained, and has the advantage of the personnel knowing all the features of the winches we supply. This ensures that the process is more efficient, as well as adhering to the higest safety standards. With over 500 years of combined experience, you can rest assured that we have you covered.


Supplying high quality winches for hire has the advantage over buying them as it will inevitably save you money in the long term. There’s likely to be less downtime as they will be used for a specific purpose and length of time, along with having a great support network in place with Rotrex Winches. You can also avoid the costs associated with long-term purchase, including depreciation, obsolescence, compliance and disposal. By reducing your inventory, it also cuts down on storage costs as you only need the winches when they are in use, enabling you to have great cost control on your projects.


It’s highly unlikely that there will be any issues with your winch hire, due to our rigorous process of testing and certification. However, if there is a breakdown, you don’t need to worry about repair and maintenance as we will be on hand to help and support you every step of the way. As you don’t own the winch, you’re not responsible for the maintenance costs, allowing you to conserve your capital and let us handle any hiccups to make sure your project runs smoothly.


As stated, at Rotrex Winches, we have an extensive supply of winches in a wide assortment of sizes. We stock winches with capacities ranging between 100kg to 200 tonnes, and offer different types and line pulls. Our flexibility extends beyond the winches we offer, to include the service & support we offer our clients. This means you can hire your winch or winches for just a few days to a large, long-term project for a fixed period. We work with you to guarantee you have everything you need for your hire. This includes supplying cable drum trailers, high powered reelers, and cable for pulling, for your hire.

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