How Can Cable Blowers and Pushers Help Me?

Installing cables can be tough work but luckily with the right equipment, such as cable blowing machine, even the trickiest of cable installation projects can be an easy and fuss-free process. With a good quality cable pusher, you can skip the hassle involved in cable installation and get the job done quickly whilst achieving accurate results.

Cable blowers and pushers

A cable blowing machine and pushers are an ideal solution in a variety working environments such as the telecommunications industry and fiber optic cable installation networks where cables need to be carefully installed into pipes or ducts, cable blowing and pushing equipment. A cable blowing machine is a machine designed to fit fiber optic cables into telecommunication ducts and microducts with the use of compressed air or water which propels the cable through the duct.

Cable blowers are one of the gentlest ways to lay cables due to exerting only light pulling forces over the cable. Cable pushers provide a consistent, uniform pulling force along the full length of the cable and are also easy to handle, are highly mobile and effortlessly reliable.

Our cable pulling equipment

We offer two main cable pushers to our clients, the Fibrecat and the Tornaldo. Both of these high-powered cable blowing machine provide our customers with a cost-effective solution for blowing-in telecommunications cables into empty ducts and are even capable of laying copper cable quickly and efficiently.

Fibrecat cable blowing system

The Fibrecat cable blowing machine provides a cost-efficient system for blowing-in telecommunications cables into empty ducts. Their ease of handling, their reliability and high mobility make them a very efficient system for the accurate laying of cables.

Our Fibrecat cable blowing machine is capable of laying even copper cable up to 40mm in diameter to an impressive speed of 60m per minute.

Tornado cable blowing system

Our Tornado cable blowing machine is an even faster piece of equipment than the Fibrecat cable blowing machine, able to lay cables at an impressive speed of 90m per minute. This cost-efficient system for blowing-in telecommunications cables into empty duct is special in that it also offers greater variability in diameter in the case of both the cable and the duct in which the cable is being blown. Even copper cable up to 40mm diameter can be laid with the Tornado cable blowing system accurately at a high speed. One of the gentlest procedures of cable laying, easy to handle, reliable and highly mobile, the tornado cable blowing system is guaranteed to produce excellent results quickly.

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At Rotrex Winches, we are proud to offer our clients a range of high-quality cable blowing and pushing equipment to complete their respective projects to the best ability. If you are searching for a high-quality cable pusher for a cable laying project or have any other enquiries about any of our products, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.