Why You Need a Rotrex Winches Cable Drum Trailer

A cable drum trailer are not always easy to transport and if your work demands the use of a cable drum trailer, you’ll be glad to hear that Rotrex Winches have the perfect solution for you. At Rotrex Winches, we provide a selection of cable drum trailers available both for hire and for sale. Cable drum trailers are the perfect solution for transporting your cable drum and keeping it secure whilst on site. Designed for your convenience, our cable drum trailers are easy to use and are available in a huge range of sizes and designs to suit the kind of work you are undertaking.

Here are just a few of the great features of our cable drum trailers!

Available in a variety of designs

We offer a wide range of cable drum trailers, each designed to suit all different professions and uses. Whilst we mostly stock single axle drum trailers, our twin axle and multi axle cable drum trailers that are more suitable for heavier loads. Our range of cable drum trailers includes the highway range and site range of single axle cable drum trailers as well as our selection of twin and multi axle cable drum trailers.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, just get in contact with us and we shall be more than happy to help you or guide you to the right place for the equipment you need.

Easy to use and manoeuvre

Once you’ve found the right cable drum trailer, you do not need to worry about how you are going to move and position it. By simply using a hydraulic hand-operated pump, our cable drum trailers can easily be lifted and lowered safely. You also do not need to worry about how you are going to secure your cable drum trailer whilst on the move. All of our cable drum trailers are designed to be held into place by mechanical locks whilst the drum is raised, meaning it shall be entirely secure whilst in transit between locations.

Suitable for road use

Most of our cable drum trailers are single axle drum trailers that are road-safe and suitable for use on site. These cable drum trailer are designed to travel at UK and European road speeds, so you should face no problems when travelling with your cable drum trailer in tow. Our cable drum trailers are also fitted with braking and road lighting systems to make them as road-friendly as possible. These braking and road lighting systems also conform with all the requirements of EEC Directives. 

Keeps your cable drum secure on site

Because your cable drum will be holding electrical wires, it is important that it can be kept safe and secure whilst you are on site. Luckily, our cable drum trailers are a great way to keep your cable drum secure whilst you are working because of the mechanical lock system that will prevent your cable drum from budging even an inch from where you need it to be positioned.

Get in contact

All our cable drum trailers for sale or hire here at Rotrex Winches come with a certificate declaring their full certification you that can be sure that the equipment you are using is in the best condition. As well as our site range cable drum trailer, we have a whole range of different designs of cable drum trailer so take some time to browse our website and find the one that is right for you.

Get in contact with us today if you would like to receive a quote for our cable drum trailer hire service or have any question about any of our cable drums for sale. We are always happy to help if you are unsure about anything or would like some advice as to which equipment would be most suitable for your needs.