Fortified Flood Defence

In recent years flood defence projects have become more and more prevalent in the UK, due to the changes in climate causing more potential for flooding.  This has been a particular issue in coastal regions, especially in low lying areas such as the counties around The Wash, and many have installed a variety of sea baffles, barriers and walls.

Our latest project in support of flood defence is delivering a back-up winch system to close a flood water gate at Wells-next-the-Sea.  The flood defence system at Wells includes a moveable sea barrier which can be pulled on rails across the main sea road at time of high flood risk.  The winch for the project had to be mobile so we supplied an Omac F206.10 2 tonne trailer winch.  As a small, towable winch, they are very versatile tools and can be used in many other applications where pipes, wires or other materials need to be pulled into position.  Due to the sensitive nature of the environment within Wells, being in the heart of Britain’s migrating sea bird colonies, the winch was fitted with a 50m dyneema rope rather than a wire rope.