What Our Cable Handling Equipment Can Do For You

At Rotrex Winches, we supply an extensive range of products when it comes to cable handling equipment. Each element is unique in its function, and today we’re going to focus on what it can all do for you.

Cable Drum Rotators

Cable drum rotators can utilise drums of various diameters and any width. With a maximum SWL of 1500KGs, but only weighing 54KGs a pair, this item is a great alternative to a cable drum trailer or a set of hydraulic jacks.

Cable Lubricant

We at Rotrex winches suggest the use of cable lubricant in order to decrease the amount of friction when a cable is pulled through a duct, we stock various high quality lubricants for use with both HV/LV power and telecommunications cables.

Cable Drum Jacks

Rotrex can supply a range of drum jacks from 3t SWL to 40t SWL complete with spindle and collars.

Cable Swivels

Swivels are a must when installing cable, low rotation winch rope is constantly on and off the winch drum, the swivel allows less stress into the winch rope and also protects the cable being installed.

Subduct Pulling Eyes

This versatile product securely connects to the internal dimeter of the subduct, pulling eyes range from 24mm to 37mm.

Cable Rollers

There are many different type of cable rollers, and at Rotrex Winches we stock both straight rollers, corner rollers, V rollers, Man-hole and Skid type, the function of cable rollers is to ease the process of handling and installing cables. 

Conduit Rods

The purpose of a conduit rod is to install a draw rope through ducts, as well as directly installing small power or data cables. We stock different sizes made from a high quality materials, all supplied on a handy reel, lengths range from 40mtr to 500mtr.

Cable Stockings

Otherwise known as “cable socks” or “cable grips”, Stockings are made from high tensile galvanized stainless steel wire, they have a great load capacity for pulling cable, these can be supplied single or double eye and range from 6mm to 130mm, they are also available in triple form for installing three cable at once.

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