Bolton Single-Double Drum

Winch Information

The BOLTON DOUBLE OR SINGLE DRUM is an hydraulic driven haulage only winch. The radial piston hydraulic motor drives directly a shaft through the drum of the first section of the winch. The shaft of the second drum section is coupled to this shaft and the 2 sections are bolted together. Each drum can be driven independently off the common drive-shaft via a sliding ‘dog’ coupling. Each drum has its own foot-pedal and lever operated, manual calliper brake which has a locking ratchet so it can be used as a parking brake. The motor is driven from an independent hydraulic supply (suitable HPU`s can be supplied by Rotrex) and the speed is variable using the lever of the control  valve mounted on the motor end of the winch.

Bolton Single-Double Drum

New or Used




Power Source 1


Power Source 2

210 bar (3000 psi)
@ 77 litre/min (17 gallon/min)

Line Pull


Line Speed


Drum Storage

228m x 16mm each drum

Winch Control

Control lever on winch

Winch Fastening

Bolted or welded via deck plates

Winch Dimensions