Winch Information

The Rotrex MS25 is a single drum hydraulic powered winch. The drum is powered by a single auto fail safe braked, two-speed hydraulic motor via a gear train . This winch drum can be de-clutched for free spooling. Additional braking is via a foot operated drum band brake. To ensure even layering of the wire rope on the drum the winch is fitted with rope spooling gear. The Rotrex MS25 winch is supplied with certified lifting points and a dedicated lifting sling assembly as standard.

Rotrex MS25

New or Used




Power Source 1


Power Source 2

Open hydraulic circuit with maximum 365 L/min @ 210 bar

Line Pull

Variable up to 25 tonnes
maximum on 1st layer

Line Speed

Two-speed, variable depending
on supplied hydraulic power pack

Drum Storage

Variable depending on required rope diameter

Winch Control

Via remote manually operated
control stand

Winch Fastening

Bolted or welded via deck plates

Winch Dimensions




 Brake Holding