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When you’re working in an environment where cables need to be carefully installed into pipes or ducts - such as in telecommunications - cable blowing and pushing equipment is an ideal solution.

Cable blowers are one of the gentlest ways to lay cables due to exerting only light pulling forces over the cable. They are also easy to handle, highly mobile and effortlessly reliable. That’s why at Rotrex Winches, we are proud to offer our clients a range of quality cable blowing and pushing equipment.

We have two main cable blowers on offer to our clients: the Fibrecat and the Tornado. Both systems in our range offer our customers a cost-effective solution for installing telecommunications cables into empty ducts. These high power cable blowers are even capable of laying copper cable both efficiently and safely.

Our Fibrecat cable blowing system is capable of laying copper cable up to 40mm in diameter to an impressive speed of 60m per minute. Our Tornado cable blowing system is an even faster piece of equipment, able to lay cables at a speed of 90m per minute. The Tornado cable blower also offers the user greater variability in diameter in the case of both the cable and the duct in which the cable is being blown.

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