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When it comes to winding and storing your cable safely, powered reelers can be an excellent solution. These hydraulic powered drum winches are ideal for reeling in your cable so that it’s ready to use another day.

We offer two types of Rotrex powered reelers, the Sahlins 900 and the Sahlins 902. The Sahlins 900 power reeler is a flexible powered reeler which can be equipped with different drums for different tasks. These can include pilot rope drums for new construction projects, split steel drums, or wooden drums for old conductors. The Sahlins 900 comes with an infinitely variable pulling force and line speed, offering you full control of your pulling operation.

The slightly stronger and larger Sahlins 902 boasts the same advantages of the Sahlins 900 in having a variable pulling force and reel speed, along with other benefits such as parking brakes, road suspension and a negative action bake which automatically applies when drum movement is stopped. However, the 902 is capable of pulling 3000kg on drums up to 250mm in diameter, compared to the 900’s 2000kg.

Here at Rotrex Winches we have both of these excellent powered reelers available to hire or buy used or new. If you need any help or advice on choosing the right equipment to suit your needs, please click here to contact a member of our expert team.

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Powered Reelers