The Rotrex Softrak ATV is a Multi-Purpose, All Terrain Load & Personnel Carrier

The Rotrex Softrak

Key Features:

  • Minimal damage to sensitive environments due to extremely low ground pressure (1.35 psi unladen up to 2.40 psi laden to capacity) and rubber track (Bridgestone) 600mm wide with flexible edges.
  • High tractive effort (3,200 kgs) available from servo controlled hydrostatic transmission system with two speed track motors allowing reduced speed when climbing steep slopes or carrying heavy loads (max speed 13 kph).
  • Safe, comfortable and easy to operate 3 seat cab with single joystick control of step-less speed change and deam-mans handle return to neutral feature.
  • Large, accessible and tipping standard load carrying area (1690 mm x 1985 mm).
  • Rugged, reliable and low maintenance track bodies driven by twin pump/motor hydrostatic transmission to give automatic power transfer and braked by oil immersed multi disk brakes.

The Rotrex Softrak ATV is the foremost in low ground pressure machines available for hire, it is able to traverse steep slopes as a result of its exceptional ground clearance yet low centre of gravity.

Softrak is able to cross very soft ground or deep snow with ease by virtue of its extremely low ground pressure Bridgestone rubber tracks. Unlike rigid track systems, the rubber track has been designed with flexible edges so that it can deflect over obstacles and not cut into soft ground whilst manoeuvring, so causing only minimal damage to sensitive environments or highway surfaces. With rubber mounted floating bogies, a smooth ride can be achieved over rough ground.

The Rotrex Softrak

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The Rotrex Softrak


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