Our Engineers

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end when the winch is deployed, we support our customers through our industry-leading service network. Our engineers are trusted experts, whom are available quickly across the UK.

Winch Engineers

Providing great support is one of the foundation stones of Rotrex Winches’ reputation.

Our network of winch engineers are ready and able to respond quickly right across the UK, whatever the need.

Our engineers help customers with:

  • Winch breakdowns - In the event that a breakdown does occur, our engineers will be on hand quickly to resolve the issue
  • Handover training - Customers who hire our winches are offered handover training on delivery, to ensure the plant is used both safely and efficiently
  • Winch inspections – we work proactively to maintain a regular schedule of inspections, ensuring minimum winch downtime by keeping winches running at peak performance
  • Resolving questions and queries – for example, helping customers to set up, read and understand sophisticated electronic read-out systems found on some of today’s more advanced winches
  • Carry out repairs on a wide range of winches and winch equipment, including winches that were not originally supplied by us

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Winch Engineers

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Winch Engineers