The key to successful winch operation is thorough preparation. Rotrex Winches’ mobilisation service takes care of every aspect of getting large winches and winch systems ready for use. 

Because our approach is so meticulous, we know that not only will the winch arrive in working order, but the winch, power pack, rope and accessories will be correctly configured to work as one optimised unit.

Rotrex Winches’ mobilisation service

It’s important that a winch system is expertly configured and ready for use as soon as possible after delivery. Our engineers prepare large winches so that they arrive exactly to customers’ specifications, ready to install and commission.

Our engineers tackle the mobilisation of large winches and winch systems by:

  • Assembling the winch to the agreed specification – for example, changing the spooling gear to handle a specific size of rope or adding a sacrificial base
  • Selecting and preparing a power pack and ancillary equipment of the required specification
  • Spooling on the customer’s rope, under back tension where necessary
  • Assembling the winch system, operating and setting all of the components so that they provide the specified performance
  • Organising witness testing where required
  • Making the winch system ready for delivery – then dismantling for transit and despatching

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Rotrex Winches’ mobilisation service