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Rotrex Winches is the UK’s winch specialist. All of our business energy and resources go into providing the most comprehensive, dedicated range of integrated winch hire, sales, service, testing and support services available.

We operate one of Europe’s largest hire fleets of winching equipment, with true global capability, unrivalled winching expertise and a nationwide support network.

Our hire fleet isn’t just the largest, it’s the broadest too with a comprehensive range from 100 kgs to 200 tonnes. If it needs pulling or lifting, no matter how unusual, we’re here to help.

Want to know more about our products? Check out or blogs on Deck Equipment and Trailer Winches and see why they work for you.

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Winching Equipment

There are two types of winches in our fleet. While there is overlap in functionality, there are key differences to remember when choosing the winch you will need for your application. If you’re unsure, contact one of our experts who can advise you.

Trailer Mounted Winch

Transport your winch from one place to another without hassle with a Trailer Mounted Winch. The Trailer Mounted Winches in our fleet have WLL (Working Load Limits) from 2t – 60t. Learn more…

Base Mounted Winch

Often less manoeuvrable but more powerful, Base Mounted Winches need to be secured to a frame before use. Thanks to a WLL (Working Load Limit) ranging from 0.6t – 200t they can be used across various industries including offshore on oil rigs. Learn more…

Cable Drum Trailers

Able to carry drums with a diameter up to 4600mm and with WLLs (Working Load Limits) of 0.83t – 20t. Drum Trailers can be split into two groups, those that are road going and those that are not. These can then be broken down into single axle or multi axle for heavier loads. Cable Drum Trailers are the simplest method you can use to transport your cable to and from and around the site. Learn more…

Winch Accessories

Depending on what you plan to do with and where you intend to use your equipment, you will need various accessories to go with it. When hiring your machinery let us know what you’re doing and we will suggest what extras you will need to pull your job off without a hitch.

Cable Handling Equipment

Keep your cable safe from damage and direct it with ease and efficiency with our range of Cable Handling Equipment. We have everything from Cable Drum Jacks to Bellmouths and Cable Rollers. Our range contains all you need to protect and direct your cables. Learn More…

Deck Equipment

We have specialist Deck Equipment on hand to assist with Offshore & Marine projects. Use Deck Sheaves when over-boarding to protect the rope from damage or use our Air Compressors to provide air on sites where there is limited or no power.  Learn More…

Winch Ancillary Equipment

On a site with no power source our Power Packs will be essential to keeping equipment running. Similarly, you won’t get far without Wire or Synthetic Rope. This is provided spooled and cut to a desired length. Ensure your equipment is operating safely and as expected with Rope Monitoring Equipment.  Learn More…

Powered Reelers

Reeling in cable to be stored and used at a later date is a walk in the park with a Powered Reeler. Their variable line speed and pulling force puts you in control of your pulling operation. Meaning you can wind your cable exactly the way you want. Learn More…

Cable Pushers & Blowers

The safest way to install Low Voltage and Fibre Optic Cables is with a Cable Blower or Pusher. Cable Blowers & Pushers are also one of the easiest pieces of equipment to use as they are highly mobile, suitable for small spaces and multiple units can be connected to the same power source and be controlled at once by a single person. Learn More…

All Terrain Utility Vehicle

Carry up to 2t of equipment or materials across snow, soft ground or road surfaces with a Rotrex Softrak ATV. Bring the tools and people you need to remote sites such as wind farms or golf courses with minimal effort. Learn More…

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