Cable Handling Equipment

Cable Handling Equipment

  • Wide range of cable rollers
  • Duct bell mouth’s with or without roller
  • Cable drum jacks from 3t to 40t
  • Cable drum rotators up to 1500Kgs SWL

Manage Your Cables With Ease

Manage your cables on site with our range of Cable Handling Equipment. Our range of equipment helps prevent your cable from becoming damaged and makes it easier to utilise on site.

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Cable Drum Jack/Rotators

Cable drum jacks and drum rotators are versatile and easily adjustable and will accommodate a vast range of drum sizes. In most cases they are manageable by one person thanks to their excellent stability.

Our cable drum rotators are all heavy duty, steel welded and fitted with one fixed and one adjustable diablo shaped steel roller with sealed bearings. All our cable drum jacks come with spindles and collars.

Cable Lubricant

Our high-quality lubricants are suitable for both the power and telecommunication cables. Tech lube is a range of water-based, biodegradable cable pulling lubricant that provides maximum friction reduction and regular pulling tensions, reducing the risk of cable damage – different lubricants are available for various LV-HV power and fibre optic type cable pulling and cable blowing applications.

Cable Swivels

A full load cable swivel enables the winch rope to rotate during the pulling operation. This prevents damage to the winch rope and more importantly the cable or pipe you’re installing. Swivels are only for use with low rotation and anti-spin construction ropes.


Inseparable hinged halves to guide the cable through the duct to avoid damage to both the cable and the duct, available with roller.

Cable Rollers

Designed for use in open trenches, on hard and soft surfaces, and even overhead in cable trays. Lightweight in design and suitable for small and large cable diameters, cable rollers guide the cable from the drum to its desired location.

Zinc plated or painted steel frames that are fitted with large diameter diablo rollers that run on sealed ball bearings. Straight, corner, triple corner, skid plates, quad, horizontal, vertical options are available.

Conduit Rods & Blowing Tees

Conduit rods are a fast and efficient way of installing short to medium draw and winch ropes into ducts, making them ready for cable pulling operations. All units are designed for easy handling and all rods come complete with guide tips, this application can also be performed with rope blowing tees and pipe stoppers.

A full range of sizes and accessories are available, and non-standard sizes are available on request.

Cable Stocking/Grips/Socks

You can grip, lift and pull cables without an end fitting safely and efficiently when using a Cable Stocking/Sock. Cable grips are an efficient method of supporting or pulling cables. Typically manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire in single eye, double eye, offset eye and lace up configurations. They are also available in stainless steel and Kevlar and in non standard lengths on request.

Duct Equipment

Prior to cable installation, it is important to proof a duct you have not installed or are not familiar with. The standard way to proof a duct would be to pull a mandrel, brush, and then a sponge through it, this ensures the duct is free from blockages and debris and is clean and dry.

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