Softrak ATV going down a grass slope

Rotrex SoftrakUtility Vehicle Hire

  • Max speed 13 mph
  • Ground pressure 0.09 bar (1.35psi) unladen
  • Payload 2000Kgs
  • Weight (base machine) 2200Kgs

For Sale or Hire From Rotrex

The Rotrex Softrak is the best utility vehicle to use for transporting goods, machinery or people across difficult terrain. Contact one of our team and see how the Softrak will help you, and take a look at our brochure for more details.

Cover Steep Slopes, Soft Ground & Deep Snow

The Softrak ATV is the foremost low ground pressure utility vehicle available for hire from Rotrex, it is able to traverse steep slopes as a result of its exceptional ground clearance yet low centre of gravity. The low ground pressure tracks means it can to cross very soft ground or deep snow with ease.

Carry Up To 2t With Ease

No matter the conditions, the Softrak allows you to take people, equipment or materials up to 2000kgs around the site easily and without fear of causing damage to the ground. When taking heavy equipment, such as wind farm anemometers, into remote areas, the Softrak is the ideal choice.

Flexible Rubber Vs Rigid Steel Tracks

The Softrak uses Bridgestone rubber tracks which unlike rigid steel track systems, have been designed with flexible edges. Allowing it to deflect over obstacles and not cut into soft ground whilst manoeuvring, causing only minimal damage to sensitive environments or highway surfaces.

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