At Rotrex we have the largest and broadest fleet of winching equipment in Europe. We are committed to sustainability and are adding even more environmentally friendly equipment to help lower emissions and move towards a greener future.

We are lowering not only our own carbon footprint, but also the carbon footprint of our customers. This is why we are continuously investing in new equipment and moving away from petrol and diesel powered machinery. The UK is aiming to reach Net Zero by 2050. This will require a change in the equipment used in construction and infrastructure projects.

Save money on fuel costs and speak to our team on 01773 603997 to see how we can help you lower your emissions, carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Our Green Solutions

Our electric winches are zero-emission and operate using an electrical motor, making them an eco-friendly choice for a range of applications. We also have pneumatic and hydraulic powered low emission equipment available to improve your sustainability.


Zero Emission

OMAC 6t Twin Capstan Trailer Winch

Install underground power cables, gas and water pipes with the 100% electric OMAC 6t pulling winch. Powered by a 415V battery, this Zero Emission winch has a line speed between 7.6 – 27.8 metres a minute and stores 1,200 metres of 12mm rope/cable. Take a look at the specification sheet for more info.

NIM, Thompson & Colt Base Mounted Winches

Our electric Base Mounted Winches offer lifting solutions from 0.5 up to 3t and pulling capabilities up to 6t. With varying line speeds and drum storage you’re sure to find the equipment you need. Take a look at the specs for more info.



EKR 700 Electric Caterpillar  Cable Pusher

Control 10 EKR 700 Caterpillar cable pushers using one control panel to easily and safely direct delicate fibre optic cables. Easy to manoeuvre due to its size and weight (185kg) the EKR 700 lack of emissions means it can be used in an enclosed space. With speeds that can reach 10 metres a minute and a per unit pushing force of 700kgs you can quickly feed cable into open trenches, ducts or tunnels. See the spec sheet for more information.



Low Emission

Liftair, Pullstar & FA Base Mounted Air Winches

Our air powered winches require less energy to operate than electric winches. Just because there’s no fuel doesn’t mean they’re not as strong as other winches. The Pullstar range is capable of pulling 1 – 10t and our range of lifting winches go from 0.6 – 10t. We also have Man Riding air winches.

To find out more about our our Green Energy Options contact one of our team today.