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Winch Testing

If you’re not sure of the functionality of your winch you can bring you winches to us for testing. We have high quality and robust test equipment that incudes a 250t winch test bed at our site in Alfreton where we can test your winch to the manufacturer’s specifications. All of our winches go through rigorous testing before they go out on hire and there is the option to witness test your equipment before delivery.

Winch Testing Bed

Winch Testing Bed

Testing Your Winches Brakes

Our 250t SWL Test Bed is used to test not just winches but other pulling/lifting equipment via a 2-metre stroke hydraulic cylinder. The ram can operate either pulling out or pulling in the cable which allows us to test the winches brakes above the pulling capacity of the winch to ensure they work correctly.

Load Testing Your Winch

The largest of our rigs has a 250t load link with remote readout.

Rig 1

Our second largest rig tests all types of winches with a testing limit up to 30t of live load at a height of 12 metres.

Rig 2

This test bed is also suitable for all types of winches, but the testing limit is 10t at a height of 5 metres.

Hoist Rig

This rig is suitable for testing chain hoists up to 20 tonnes.

We Test Cradle Equipment

Working at heights? Rotrex OnSite offers testing on cradle equipment so you can have peace of mind no matter the job.

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