Deck Equipment

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Deck Equipment

  • Deck sheaves, Winch wire rope routing,
  • Swivel and Roller Box Fairleads
  • Snatch Blocks and Multi Sheave Blocks
  • Shackles, Hose Bundles, Air compressors

Offshore & Marine Winch Accessories

Alongside our winches we have a wide range of deck equipment to assist with offshore and marine projects.

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Vertical & Horizontal Deck Sheaves

Rotrex deck sheaves are highly versatile and are primarily used for diverting the winch wire rope path through various angles using our custom built deflection rollers. Typical uses include over-boarding and deck to avoid damage to the rope.

Swivel & Roller Box Fairleads

Swivel head fairleads are designed for over-boarding wire rope. The swivel head function ensures that the wire rope remains firmly on the diverter sheave by automatically compensating for any excessive fleet angle that would normally cause damage to the sheave and rope.

Snatch Blocks & Multi Sheave Blocks

Single sheave snatch blocks with swivel shackle head fittings ranging from 1 to 150t SWL. Access is through an opening side plate to enable easy reeving of the wire rope without the need to remove the end termination.


Rotrex Winches offers screw pin and bolt nut cotter styles of shackles with WLLs of 2 – 400t.

Hydraulic & Air Hose Bundles

We supply Hydraulic Hoses in standard 5 metre sections and our Air Hoses in 15 metre sections.. The advantage of this is that any hose length can be achieved by simply connecting the required amount together.

Air Compressors

Various models are available to offer simple solutions for providing air to on site locations that have limited or no power source. Rotrex can provide mobile and skid mounted options that are suitable for working in most environments including Zone 2 hazardous areas both onshore and offshore.

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