Base Mounted Winches

Base Mounted Winch from Rotrex

Why Choose A Base Mounted Winch

  • Capacity from 0.6t to 200t
  • Rope capacity up to 1400m
  • Power Source: Diesel/Petrol/Air/Electric
  • Ideal for offshore and marine projects

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Winches Capable of Pulling 600kg – 200t

Base mounted winches are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, the fleet includes air, electric, hydraulic and diesel base mounted winches with safe working loads starting from just 0.5 to a massive 200t.

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Air Powered Winches

We have a range of air powered base mounted winches from Ingersoll Rand, including man-riders and utility that are suitable for use across Marine, Construction, Offshore and more industries. Their straightforward design means that they are able for use in harsh working environments.

Made for difficult environments, these winches have a low maintenance, highly reliable gear motor and their high torque output allows smooth starts and stops. Their rugged and compact design makes them ready to take on your most challenging applications.

Benefits of Air Powered Winches

  • Air winches run quieter than other winches.
  • Air winches use less energy than an electric or diesel winch.
  • Spark resistant and safe for explosion risk environments.
  • Can be used for prolonged periods without overheating.
  • Autobraking feature increases safety.
  • CE Compliant
  • Rugged Construction

Our Range of Air Powered Winches

Here are some of the types of air powered winches available to hire. Ranging from a 0.6t – 10t load capacity.

  • Liftstar Range – Lifts its capacity at any layer of rope.
  • Pullstar Range – Drum disengaging clutch as standard
  • FA Infinity Range – Dual purpose man-riders (utility & personnel)

Hydraulic Winches

Made for lifting and pulling, our range of hydraulic winches have a safe working load from 6.5t – 200t. Designed for Marine & Offshore projects but used in other industries.

The line pull can be incrementally and accurately controlled using the hydraulic release valves and the winch speed by either a pilot operated or manual controls.

Benefits of Hydraulic Winches

  • Pulls for longer without overheating compared to an electric winch
  • More powerful than an electric winch.
  • No danger of the motor stalling.
  • Lower duty cycle compared to electric winches, less downtime needed.
  • More control thanks to flexibility in power range.

Our Range of Hydraulic Winches

When it comes to base mounted winches, our largest selection is in hydraulic. We have a mix of pulling and lifting winches available for hire no matter your needs.

  • Rotrex C6.5NE
  • SP60
  • NE200 – Our largest winch in the fleet, capable of pulling 200t.

Electric Winches

Our electric winch range can lift anywhere from 500kg – 3,000kg and is able to pull up to 6,000kg.

Benefits of Electric Winches

  • Electric winches are perfect for low noise environments.
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally and in confined spaces.
  • Variable line speed giving you ultimate control.

Our Range of Electric Winches

  • NIM 0.5
  • Colt 6E
  • Southern Counties 3L

Diesel Powered Winches

The only diesel winch in our range is the TR2 which has a WLL of 10t and is capable of lifting and pulling.

Benefits of Diesel Powered Winches

  • Self contained with no external power source

Our Range of Diesel Powered Winches

  • TR2

Winch Accessories

We also provide a wide range of supplementary products and accessories to support our base mounted winches including wire rope, power packs, air compressors, and hoses suitable for air or hydraulic winches.

We can also assist with a range of deck equipment such as snatch blocks and deck sheaves.

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