Base Mounted Winches

Base Mounted Winch

  • Capacity up to 600 KGs, to 200T
  • Rope capacity up to 1400m
  • Power Source: Diesel/Petrol/Air/Electric

Hire or BuyBase Mounted Winches from Rotrex Winches

Base mounted winches are useful in a wide variety of situations. Rotrex stocks hydraulic, air, electric and diesel base mounted winches, with capacities varying from 300kg to a massive 200 tonnes.

Our air powered base mounted winches are supplied with an air motor via gearing in the winch, with the user being able to vary their speed via a control lever. The most common version of an air powered base mounted winch are ‘single drum’ however some are available with two.

We also offer base mounted hydraulic winches which range in capacity from 15 tonnes to 200 tonnes and are frequently powered by diesel power packs.

The rest of our range consists of electric and diesel powered winches which are powered by an electric motor and diesel engines respectively.

Along with every winch we have for hire or purchase, we can also provide a wide range of supplementary products and accessories. Just some of the products we have on offer to support our base mounted winches include wire rope, power packs, air compressors, and hoses suitable for air or hydraulic winches. All of these will help you to get the best out of your winch and keep it in working condition.

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