Winch Ancillary Equipment

Winch Ancillary Equipment

  • Air Compressors, Air Hose bundles
  • Constant Tension and Rendering Facility, Hydraulic Hose Bundles
  • Winch Rope Monitoring, Power Packs, Wire Rope
  • Secondary Base Frames and Grillages, Rope Spooling with Back Tension

Discover Our Range of Winch Accessories & Ancillary Equipment

Winch Accessories

We have a large range of kit for use alongside your winch hire. Our selection of winch accessories includes:

Air Compressors

We have various air compressors available to provide simple solutions for providing air on-site. They are available with limited or no power source.

Air & Hydraulic Hose Bundles

The air hoses come in standard 15 metre sections, while our hydraulic hoses are come in standard 5 metre sections. This means that any hose length can be achieved by simply connecting the required amount together.

Constant Tension & Rendering Facility

Constant tension (CT) is used to achieve a constant line-pull, as set by the Operator.

Winch Rope Monitoring

It’s often necessary to monitor or manage the line pull of a winch. This is to ensure that it’s operating safely, operating at maximum efficiency or to provide customers with reports.

Power Packs

We provide a comprehensive range of power packs to suit every application, including diesel, electric and Zone 2.

Wire Rope

We offer a competitive service for supplying and spooling winch wire rope.

Secondary Base Frames & Grillages

Our base mounted winches can be supplied with either standard or custom design built secondary base frames to suit any fastening requirement.

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