Cable Blowers and Pushers

EKR700 - Lancier 2 cable puller

Cable Blowers and Pushers

  • Fibre cat cable blowing unit: Capacity up to 80Kgs and cable diameter 27mm
  • Tornado cable blowing unit: Capacity up to 100Kgs and cable diameter 32mm
  • Hydraulic cable pushing unit: Capacity up to 500KN and cable diameter 130mm
  • Electric cable pushing unit: Capacity up to 700Kgs and cable diameter 150mm

Hire or Buy From Rotrex Winches

Rotrex offer a range of quality cable blowing and pushing equipment. Our pushers allow for a simple one-man operation, controlling up to 10 caterpillar cable pusher units from one power source. Our blowers and pushers are not only available for hire but there is the option to purchase.

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Reliable, Mobile & Easy to Use

Due to low forces exerted on the cable, cable blowers and pushers are one of the safest ways to install LV (Low Voltage) and fibreoptic cables. They’re easy to handle, highly mobile and effortlessly reliable, perfect for use when space is restricted and you need cable to be carefully installed into duct or sub-duct. Our range includes zero emission cable pushers like the electric EKR700 Lancier.

Fibrecat & Tornado Cable Blowers

We have two main cable blowers on offer: the Fibrecat and the Tornado. Both systems in our range offer a cost-effective solution for installing telecommunications cables into duct and subduct.

Hydraulic or Electric Cable Blowers

The Lancier EKR700 can push cables from 30mm to 150mm diameter at a force of 700kgs per unit.

Rotrex also have the Plummet DF-5H hydraulic cable pusher, this unit comes with a small power pack and is able to install cable from 20-130mm diameter. Reduce the tension on the cable when you use both units in tandem.

EKR700 & Accessories

EKR700 Cable Pusher lablled

Sub Duct & Cobra Rod Pusher

Install ducts and rods with the Rotrex sub duct/cobra pusher without the need to pre-install a fibre rope. Mounted on a sturdy steel frame and fitted with pneumatic tyres for ease of transportation. It features an extendable boom and chamber clamp for use in underground structures and supplied with a power pack.

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