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In cooperation with our clients in the utilities sector, Rotrex is involved in projects relating to the construction and maintenance of underground infrastructure, including electricity, gas, water and data networks.


Due to the global focus on reducing CO2 emissions, the construction and maintenance of electricity networks is of particular interest. Climate agreements stimulate electrification. Every day, Rotrex cooperates with our customers on making the electricity network future-proof by using our equipment. An example of this is tackling grid congestion to clear the way for the development of wind and solar farms.


The Right Equipment For Hire


Rotrex offers all the utility equipment for hire you need to work in the utility sector. When it comes to work on the power grid in the medium and high voltage segments, with a classic set-up comprising a winch for the pulling movement, solutions for transporting and rinsing the reel, and tools for guiding and protecting the winch and electric cable. We offer a similar set-up for low voltage and data cable projects.


On projects involving the retraction of gas and water pipes, we often use winches with a higher capacity and/or electric drive. Furthermore, with over 40 years working alongside telecommunication companies we are true experts in the industry. We are well-equipped for cable recovery assistance, installation and the erection and maintenance of masts, towers and dishes.

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