Air and hydraulic winches are mighty machines but deciding which to use can be an overwhelming task, given their widespread use across diverse industries and applications.

This blog explores the applications and benefits of Air and Hydraulic Winches and helps you choose the right one for your project. If in doubt, our team are here to help.

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Air Powered Winches

We have a range of air-powered base-mounted winches from Ingersoll Rand, including man-riders and utility that are suitable for use across Marine, Construction, Offshore industries and more.

CE-compliant, these winches can be used for prolonged periods without overheating.  Driven by a pneumatic motor via a compressed air supply, provides for a rugged and compact winch design that is ready to take on the most challenging of winching applications.

Their proven design means they are ready to be used in harsh working environments. Requiring low maintenance, they are highly reliable and offer smooth and consistent operation.

Our Range of Air Powered Winches

With working load limits up to 10t, our varied range includes:

  • Liftstar Range – Lifts its capacity at any layer of rope.
  • Pullstar Range – Drum disengaging clutch as standard.
  • FA Infinity Range – Standard and dual-purpose options (utility & personnel lifting)

Hydraulic Winches

Made for lifting and pulling, our range of Hydraulic Winches have safe working load ratings from 6.5t – 200t. Designed for Marine and Offshore projects but also used in other industries, we have a comprehensive mix of lifting, pulling and man-riding winches available for hire no matter your needs.

A major benefit is that a Hydraulic Winch can be paired with different types of power packs for operation, including diesel & electric for both safe & hazardous areas. Overall, the perfect winch for completing projects quickly and safely in challenging environments.

Our Range of Hydraulic Winches

When it comes to base-mounted winches, our largest selection is hydraulic. Here are some of the types of hydraulic winches available to hire:

  • Rotrex C6.5NE – Compact but capable of 6.5t safe working load.
  • SP90 – Mid-range with 90t safe working load.
  • NE200 – Our largest winch in the hire fleet, capable of lifting 200t.

Air vs. Hydraulic Winches comparison table

FeatureAir Powered WinchesHydraulic Powered Winches
Working Load LimitUp to 10t6.5t – 200t
Power SourceCompressed airHydraulic power pack (diesel or electric)
Other industries
Low maintenance
Smooth operation
No overheating
High working load limit
Safe for hazardous areas
DrawbacksLimited working load limit
Requires compressed air supply
Larger and heavier than air winches
Requires hydraulic power pack

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