Benefits & Perks

Benefits & Perks

We understand providing the best experience in the industry isn’t just for our customers, that’s why we have an excellent benefits package for our employees. So, whether it’s helping your career development with training and professional memberships, or giving you more time to look after yourself and your family with enhanced leave and access to private healthcare join our team and meet generations of employees who have committed to Rotrex.


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Enhanced Family Leave

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Employee Assistance Programme

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Incentive Programme
(Quarterly Bonus)

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Company Pension

Sun lounger and umbrella

Enhanced Annual Leave

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Hybrid Working

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Training & Development

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Private Healthcare

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Free Parking

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Professional Membership Subscription

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Length of Service Rewards

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Annual Flu Jab

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H.I.R.E. Fit

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Free Equipment Hire

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Personal Milestone Acknowledgements