When planning a deck project, the right equipment is essential for a safe & efficient environment. Deck equipment can help you to move materials safely, lift heavy objects with ease, and create a durable and long-lasting deck.

In this blog post, we will discuss some essential deck equipment that you may need for your next project and explain why it is crucial when using with our winches to enable smooth and efficient operation.

Vertical & Horizontal Deck Sheaves

Rotrex deck sheaves are highly versatile devices that are primarily used for diverting wire or fibre rope from the winch to the end connection. Offering both a vertical & horizontal rope deflection along with options of custom-built deflection rollers to keep working rope fleeting angles to a minimum.

Swivel & Roller Box Fairleads

Swivel head fairleads are specifically designed to guide over-boarding winch rope. The swivel head automatically adjusts to compensate for excessive rope fleet angles, which prevents damage to the sheave and the rope itself. Roller box fairleads offer fixed rope deflection, again to limit excessive rope fleeting angles.

Snatch Blocks & Multi Sheave Blocks

Single-sheave snatch blocks with swivel shackle head fittings range from 1 to 150t WLL. They allow access of the rope through an opening side plate for easy wire rope reeving without having to remove the rope end termination and are a versatile way to divert a winch rope. Multi-sheave blocks enable winch ropes to be multi-reeved to increase the pulling or lifting capacity of a winch.


Rotrex Winches offer screw pin and safety pin shackles in either “D” or “Bow” variants from 1 to 400t WLL.

Hydraulic & Air Hose Bundles

Hydraulic hoses are supplied in standard 5.0 meter lengths here at Rotrex. This enables multiple sections to be joined when distance & space is a challenge on deck.  

Air hoses are supplied  in 15.0 meter lengths and can also be joined to enable customised working lengths.

Rotrex offers a wide range of deck equipment to complement our rental winches and your existing winches for all types of offshore and marine projects. Find out more about renting deck equipment from Rotrex by contacting our team today on  01773 603997 or email sales@rotrexwinches.co.uk. Alternatively, you can also use our Contact Form for a prompt response. Let’s make your project a success!