Cable installation is a difficult process and if you’re not adequately prepared, the task in hand can seem overwhelming.  In such circumstances having the right cable handling equipment can make the process a lot easier. That’s why Rotrex Winches are proud suppliers of a comprehensive range of Cable Handling Equipment and accessories that will help your cable installation run like clockwork. 

There are many different cable handling products, which means it can be difficult to know what you might need or find useful during your cable installation. 

So, what different types of cable handling equipment are there? Whilst Rotrex offer an extensive range of heavy duty cable pulling equipment, here are just a few typical examples that will come in handy and ensure cable protection.  Our team of experts are available to answer all of your questions. You can contact us today on  01773 603997 or email

Cable Drum Jacks/Rotators  

Lightweight and versatile, cable drum jacks are an almost indispensable piece of equipment that provide control and stability to cable drums during cable pulling. Cable drum jacks can be adjusted quickly to accommodate a wide variety of cable drums sizes and weights, and are often fitted with wheels so that they can easily be moved without much effort at all. They are best used as supports for cable drum spindles. 

Cable drum rotators are heavy duty pieces of equipment, often being welded with steel sealed bearings. As they come with one fixed and one adjustable diablo control, these shaped steel rollers allow you to rotate the drum of your winch and wind in cable with ease.  


Bellmouths are inseparable hinged halves which are designed to allow easy passage of the cable through the duct to avoid damage to both the cable and the duct. The Bellmouth can also be available with a guide roller on request. 

Cable Rollers

Cable rollers are designed for use in a variety of applications, including open trenches, hard and soft surfaces, and overhead cable trays. They are lightweight and can accommodate small and large cable diameters, making them a versatile tool for cable installation. 

The cable rollers are made of zinc-plated or painted steel frames with large diameter diablo rollers that run on sealed ball bearings. This construction provides durability and smooth operation. The cable rollers are available in a variety of configurations, including straight, corner, triple corner, skid plates, quad, horizontal, and vertical. This allows you to choose the right configuration for your specific application. 

Conduit Rods and Blowing Tees 

Conduit rods are an ideal, fast way of installing draw ropes, lightweight cables and winch ropes into ducts, making them ideal for cable pulling operations. Conduit rods are often glass-fibre reinforced epoxy rods, with an outer polyethylene coating which gives them excellent adhesion properties.  

They also benefit from great elasticity which makes them well suited for any duct installation. Conduit rods are often available on a free-standing frame, or on a mobile frame for larger rods. All units are designed for easy handling and all rods come complete with guide tips, this application can also be performed with rope blowing tees and pipe stoppers. 

Cable Stockings/Grips/Socks 

Cable stockings, often known as cable socks or cable grips are an extremely efficient method of supporting or pulling cables. Typically manufactured from high tensile galvanised steel wire in single eye, double eye, offset eye and lace up configurations, giving them an admirable strength.  

For specific operations in adverse environments or where an even stronger pull is needed, it is also possible to obtain cable stockings made from stainless steel wire or even Kevlar. 

Cable Lubricant 

Our high-quality cable lubricants are suitable for both the power and telecommunication cables to reduce pulling friction. Tech lube is a range of water-based, biodegradable cable pulling lubricant that provides maximum friction reduction and regular pulling tensions, reducing the risk of cable damage – different lubricants are available for various LV-HV power and fibre optic type cable pulling and cable blowing applications. 

Duct Equipment 

Prior to cable installation, it is important to proof a duct you have not installed or are not familiar with. The standard way to proof a duct would be to pull a mandrel, brush, and then a sponge through it, this ensures the duct is free from blockages and debris and is clean and dry. 

If you’re looking for the right cable pulling equipment to hire and help you handle and install your cables, contact our team today on  01773 603997 or email Alternatively, you can also use our Contact Form for a prompt response. Let’s make your project a success!