Winching Do’s & Don’ts

Hugely important to many industries, the winch may seem like a simple piece of equipment, but if not operated correctly by someone with the right training and knowledge they can cause injury and damage, this is why you should always refer to the operating manual for correct procedure.

Before you operate your winch read about some of the ways you can make operating your winch safer.


  • Store clean and dry to avoid equipment degradation.
  • Inspect before and after each use.
  • Make sure winch is secure.
  • Always start with a test lift a few inches from the ground.
  • Keep clear of ropes and drum etc.


  • Use winch if the rope is twisted or stuck.
  • Use a winch for man riding unless it’s designed for that.
  • Use winch that isn’t secure.

Is Your Winch Safe To Use?

Servicing your winch regularly is important as it allows you to notice any changes in the performance and lowers the likelihood of your equipment becoming damaged, if not winch breakdowns or damage will cost you money and cause delays to your project but more importantly can lead to injury. Thankfully our expert engineers are available to help you on site when there is a breakdown, and they also carry out winch servicing and repairs on all of our hire kit so you don’t have to worry. As soon as you notice any damage replace the parts and test to make sure winch functionality.

Rotrex Engineer Inspecting Winch

Test Winch Capabilities Frequently

On all winches, testing is vital to ensure both performance and safety Bring your winches to us for testing, when hiring from Rotrex you have the option to visit the site to ‘witness test’ before the winch is deployed, this so that you know the equipment is fit for purpose.

Winch testing is something that Rotrex Winches takes very seriously.. Our range of testing equipment gives us comprehensive testing capability, providing customers with the assurance that winches will work exactly as required and are operating within the manufactures specification.

Winch Testing Bed
Winch Testing Bed at Alfreton

Using the Correct Winch & Power Source

There are many different types of winches, each with their own strengths and capabilities. Not sure what winch type you need? We have over 30 years of experience helping businesses choose the right winch for their application.

You will need different power supply depending on the environment you are operating in and the winch type you are using. Rotrex can recommend and supply the various power packs, these are: Electric, Air, Hydraulic or Diesel.

Rotrex trailer winch
Trailer Winches
Power Pack
HPU Power Pack
Base Mounted Winch

Are You Using the Right Amount of Rope?

Drum winches become less powerful over so many layers as the SWL (Safe Working Load) is reduced, that being said, it is important to never go below 3 wraps on the drum as you risk shearing the rope from the rope anchor inside the drum.

Have You Had the Right Training?

Rotrex Winches offers training on site and at our workshop. Training in how to operate a winch is hugely important as winching can be dangerous and without proper training the likelihood of injury increases. Here at Rotrex Winches we provide training on site and in our classroom tailored to your individual needs.

Engineer Training
Training at Rotrex Depot

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