In April 2022, Rotrex UK supported National Grid Ventures and Energinet on the successful landing of the Denmark end of the World’s longest interconnector, Viking Link.

It’s a pivotal project to be involved in, as it’s the first submarine cable connection between the UK and Denmark. The interconnector will connect wind generated power to and from the UK to help meet its net-zero carbon emission targets which include powering 1.5 million homes by renewable energy by the end of 2023, and 90% of imported electricity coming from zero carbon sources by 2030.

The Challenge

Viking Link will be approximately 765 km long and will provide a 1400 MW high voltage direct current (DC) which will allow electricity to be exchanged between Denmark and the UK.

A project on this scale brings quite a few challenges, especially with regard to manufacturing and rolling out the required cable quantities as well as project management. Keeping to a tight schedule and thinking ahead will remain essential throughout the project.

The Solution

Rotrex provided an unrivalled solution to meet the requirements of the project which included our 60t trailer winch “MAGNI” with its state-of-the art technology, 2,400m rope storage facility, data recording and enhanced speed control, alongside a 20t OMAC trailer winch. Our support engineer Kenny operated our winches and provided on-hand expertise throughout the pull.