In 2023, J Murphy and Sons contacted Rotrex to request a quote for winches to aid with a slip-lining process on HS2. Following on-site visits and detailed discussions via phone and email, Rotrex developed a winching solution for the project.

The Project:

The project involved four separate locations where existing Severn Trent water mains were being diverted by Murphys. These diversions required the installation of steel pipes within the concrete mains.

Over the 100mtr to 300mtr plus pipe sections, each steel pipe was carefully positioned, procession welded to the next section, and then pulled in, two mains were installed at each time, side by side.

The Solution:

Rotrex supplied a variety of winches from our UP50, F285.P.100, and F290.P200 OMAC range for the project. These winches, along with various anchoring accessories, were delivered to the work sites.

The project went smoothly, with all the pulls being completed successfully over a period spanning several months and continuing into 2024.