Rotrex Eyes Post Pandemic Growth

The Rotrex Group, which boasts the largest range of trailer winches in the UK and is one of the leading lifting firms in the whole of Europe, has invested almost a quarter of million pounds in Europe’s largest capacity trailer mounted winch. Joining the fleet is a brand new state of the art 60-tonne capacity trailer winch, that it believes will secure a new era in its continued growth.

Against the backdrop of the current pandemic, subsequent economic turmoil, and the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit, the Alfreton based business is confident the latest acquisition will be in high demand both here in the UK and across continental Europe. It seems as though they were right as Rotrex has already secured a major contract for the equipment at a huge project in Norway, starting in early 2021.

Europe’s Largest Capacity Trailer Winch

The new winch is called ‘MAGNI’ which is the Norse God of Strength. It has been manufactured in Italy to Rotrex’s exact specifications, including state-of-the-art remote control and Wi-Fi technologies. It is now the largest capacity trailer winch currently available in Europe. It also has large rope storage facilities allowing pulls of up to 2,400m which is more than double that of their current 40-tonne winch.

Don Wilkinson – European Sales Manager at the Rotrex Group – said: “The investment is a real game-changer for Rotrex and our international customers. On top of the additional pulling capacity needed for large projects, the winch is fitted with HMPE fibre rope making handling a lot easier due to its lighter weight. It also ensures pipework and ducts are not damaged during pulls”.,

The Norwegian contract will also be supported on site by one of Rotrex’s mobile engineers which Don sees as crucial for such projects adding, “Our clients value this personal commitment from us. Our team of mobile engineers are currently working with clients across Europe on numerous hire set ups, pulls, as well on-site testing, refurbishment works, servicing and training. It’s not just rental, we offer a full service”

Although the winch will be first used in Norway on a water utilities contract for re-lining pipes, its design makes it versatile so it can be used on many different applications such as long cable pulls and supporting major tunnelling projects.

Rotrex is therefore confident this new acquisition will open up a host of new markets that demand this kind of niche pulling capacity and will be an exciting step-change helping then to grow, secure jobs and further investment both domestically and internationally.

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