In a significant infrastructure upgrade project, Rotrex played a vital role in replacing a nearly century-old water main in East Yorkshire. This endeavor involved the installation of two new 900mm diameter pipes, set to deliver fresh water to the region.

The Challenge: Pulling 140m of 900mm Diameter Pipe

Our customer took on the challenge of pulling 140 meters of 900mm diameter plastic pipes into two separate tunnels. To meet this demanding task, we deployed our self-propelled 10t Tracked Winch. This robust machine, manufactured by OMAC Italy, was strategically positioned at the base of a 17-meter deep shaft. Its advanced features, including remote control operation, not only ensured operational efficiency but also prioritised the safety of our operator and crew.

Mission Acomplished: Timely Pipe Placement

We’re delighted to report that our efforts culminated in the successful installation of the pipes, precisely according to schedule. Rotrex Winches takes immense pride in its role within this critical infrastructure project, contributing to the reliable delivery of fresh water to East Yorkshire.

Stay tuned for more updates on our innovative solutions and their impact on important projects like this one. Your trust in Rotrex Winches drives our commitment to excellence.