The Black Sea project was a great opportunity for Rotrex, supplying equipment to pull a control cable for a gas platform in the Southern Black Sea off the north coast of Turkey, a couple 100km east of Istanbul.


The project involved pulling a lengthy umbilical cable from a vessel moored offshore to the termination point on the beach. The operation required a winch capable of handling the weight of the cable over a 2km distance offshore. Moreover, the project demanded skilled personnel to manage the winching operation and to ensure a safe and efficient cable pull.


Rotrex stepped up to the challenge and provided the following for the project:

  • 60t Hydraulic Trailer Winch: This mobile winch offered the necessary pulling capacity to handle the weight of the cable throughout the operation, while also featuring a rope storage drum large enough to handle 2km of rope.
  • Engineering Expertise: Rotrex provided two trained Engineers to oversee the winching process. Their experience ensured a safe and trouble-free cable pull.
  • 2km HMPE Rope: Fibre rope was chosen for the operation. The benefits of this material over traditional wire rope include much less weight, less stretch, easier manhandling and buoyancy in water.

Fun fact: The heavy-duty piling sheets shown in the image were used to securely anchor the winch in position on the beach. These sheets were installed specifically for this project as no fixed anchor points were available. They were driven vertically deep into the beach and substantial chains were fixed to them to provide the immovable anchor for the winch. After the pull, they were lifted clear of the beach, leaving no trace of what was an effective, temporary anchor solution.