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Post-sale and through the hire we provide ongoing help. Rotrex are engineers LEEA qualified and are trained in multiple winch services. Capable of everything from rope spooling, to call out repairs and specialist installations & commissions. Depending on your needs we can accommodate on site, offshore or at one of our regional workshops across the UK.

Expert Engineers

Our expert engineers are LEEA qualified and experienced operating equipment in offshore or onshore settings. All of our equipment comes with the option to have an operator accompany it to site, who will even assist with 3rd party equipment if needed. Just like our hire service, this is available to customers worldwide.

Rope Spooling

Rotrex provide rope spooling on both hired and purchased winches. Machines wind rope onto the drum under tension, avoiding snags and the crushing of the inner layers. Purchase steel or fibre ropes of various thicknesses directly from Rotrex. Provide your own rope and we will fit it to a professional standard.

Servicing & Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of site breakdowns with preventative maintenance and regular servicing on your equipment. Come to Rotrex for ad hoc/post use servicing or to arrange regular maintenance for your equipment.

Winch Breakdown Fault Finding & On-Site Repairs

No one knows our equipment better than our engineers. They are experts in all features of our equipment and are available for the duration of your specific project, a defined fixed term and even post sale.

They travel to sites all over the world to assist with fault finding and repairs on equipment and as well as training.

Complete Winch Overhaul & Refurbishment

As winch experts we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about winches. With our extensive knowledge and expertise we refurbish winches installed in historic buildings and well know attractions across the UK. Often completing full overhauls of winches alongside regular servicing.

Service Spares

We have spare parts for servicing winches, cable drum trailers and all the equipment in our range. If you’re looking for reliable spare parts from well maintained machines get in touch.

Cable Coiling

Spooled and cut to your desired length. Save yourself the additional time by having us wind your cable for you.

Winch Installation & Commissioning

Our expert winch engineers install specialist winch systems for complex and unique situations. We also design, build and install specialist bespoke winches to suit your needs.

Winch Operator Training

Make sure your operators know exactly how to operate equipment safely and efficiently. We put together equipment or company specific training for you and your team to take part in either in our classroom and workshop, or if requested on site.

Winch & Hoist Testing

With a 250t test bed at our site in Alfreton we test all our winches to manufactures specifications. Our engineers carry out a full LOLER inspections on all equipment alongside testing. Bring your winch and other lifting and pulling equipment to us for testing.

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