The Use of Winches

In our modern connected world, we will rarely walk a few steps in urban areas without crossing the path of underground cabling.  But we hardly ever notice the extensive infrastructure that surrounds us, because the machinery and techniques used to install and maintain such cabling are designed to intrude as little as possible on the host environment.  Rotrex Winches are an established, professional winch hire company with over forty years experience in a vast range of construction and infrastructure industries.  For cable pulling equipment hire, we are your one-call solution for a successful project.

Why Hire Winches?

Some firms maintain an inventory of winching equipment, and in many cases, this makes sense: if you are using the equipment day-in and day-out, it’s often easier to own your own plant.  Here at Rotrex, we have an extensive catalogue of plant and ancillaries for hire and sale.  We also design and manufacture winching systems for customers who have special requirements.

For most utility and some civil engineering companies, winching operations are part of a daily routine.  Winches and associated plant is too expensive to have locked up at a depot for weeks at a time, especially as it requires frequent maintenance and must be regularly inspected for damage or defects.  Rotrex can eradicate these concerns by offering nationwide coverage all year round.  We also have winch engineers who are familiar with all types of winch equipment, as well as safe operation techniques and current health and safety procedures, to make your life easier.

Cable Drum Trailer Hire

Plant hire can save you money, and a lot of other headaches.  Rotrex also offer an extensive range of cable drum trailers and other ancillary equipment.  With all the installation equipment you need readily available, all you need to do on the morning of the job is show up with your team and the installation materials.  We will make sure everything else is in place, with all the equipment checked and ready to go.  When you see how easy it can be, plant hire really does start to make sense.

Rotrex cable drum trailer

Winch Hire UK

Our winch hire service is available throughout the UK and beyond, the majority of our equipment can be made available in most parts of the world.  This includes all peripherals such as powered reelers, cable pushers and blowers, or any other related plant hire equipment, just call us for a quote.  We even have a low ground pressure Softrak ATV’s for hire, in case the site is off the beaten track or in a sensitive environment.  This versatile vehicle makes light work of most terrains, whilst hardly leaving a trace.

Finding the Right Winch for Hire

Not sure which winch is required for your application? Contact our expert team for detailed advice and support. Winch hire has never been so simple. Looking to hire a winch within the EU? We have depots in The Netherlands and Belgium, check them out today.